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Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches
Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches

“Rats were coming in from next door. I wasn’t able to fully control them with commercial poisons but this did the job”  - Kate D. USA

Rodent Away Plant-Powered Rodent Repelling Pouches

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (2645 Reviews)

Eliminate Rats and Mice From Your Home Within 7 Days or Your Money Back Guaranteed.


A Trio Of Powerful Essential Oils To Repel Rodents

No Need For Risky, Inhumane Or Dangerous Traps

Family & Pet Friendly With No Harsh Chemicals

Easy To Use: Place Pouches Around The House For Instant Protection

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Use Rodent Away To Repel These Rodents:

Roof Rat

House Mouse

Field Mouse

Wood Rat

Deer Mouse

Norway Rat

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Rodent Invasions in Just 7 Days:

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Rodent Invasions in Just 7 Days:

If you’re reading this, chances are you're struggling with a mouse or rat infestation.

The result? Urine and feces which contaminate your food, that stale smell, chewed up wiring, piping and walls which costs you thousands, or worse causes fires or flooding.

Not to mention how embarrassing it is when visitors come.

This is not a small problem, you need to take care of it.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

You can say goodbye to rodents invading your home with Rodent Away's plant-powered rodent repellent pouches. Infused with cornmint and peppermint our formula is scientifically proven to repel rodents, and over a period of 7 days your rodent problem will be completely eliminated.

How Does It Work?

You’ve probably tried poison or pellets. Now these solutions are effective in the short-term by killing some of the rats and mice that have made it to your house…

But they do nothing to stop rats continually coming in to seek food and shelter. Plus they are inhumane and messy…

The reason our pouches are so effective is rats, mice and other rodents rely on their sense of smell to navigate and detect danger. And the secret of our rodent repellent pouches lies in the power of the peppermint and cornmint, which contains a molecule known as “pulegone” - this powerful molecule overwhelms the rodent’s sense of smell, triggering the danger receptors in their brains.

This causes them to immediately flee your home, and warn the rest of the colony to stay away. Leaving you with a pest-free environment and eradicating your problem for good!

The Wonderful Benefits of a Rodent Free Home:

The Wonderful Benefits of a Rodent Free Home:

No more risk of bacteria or disease

Protect food from contamination

Prevent property damage

An amazing night’s sleep without scurrying noise

Allergen reduction

Improved Hygiene

Peace of mind

Odour elimination

Reduced fire hazards

Pet Friendly Formulation:

Peppermint and cornmint are both natural substances that have been used for centuries for their medicinal and aromatic properties.

These ingredients are non-toxic and do not pose any harm to your pets when used as directed. Our pouches offer a pet-safe solution for rodent control, without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Works Wherever You Have Rats And Mice

Works Wherever You Have Rats And Mice

Rats and mice are crafty and can infiltrate a variety of places, from your home and garage to storage sheds and even vehicles.

The compact size and potent ingredients of the Rodent Away make them the ultimate warriors in the fight against those disgusting pests.

Whether it’s the attic, your car, or the garden shed, just place a pouch in the area you want to protect. Their scent is powerful enough to ward off rodents from any of their hideouts.

No need to tailor different strategies for different spaces. With Rodent Away Repellent Pouches, you have an all-in-one solution that is as adaptable as the rodents it wards off. Place them wherever you need protection and rest easy knowing that your spaces are rodent-free.

Better than a cat?

While cats are skilled hunters, our rodent repellent pouches offer distinct advantages:

Invisible Threats:Pouches deter rodents in hidden areas that cats may not reach.
24/7 Protection: Continuous repellent scent, even when cats are inactive.
Non-Invasive: Clean solution without dealing with rodent remains.
Safer for Wildlife: Protects rodents and other innocent creatures.
Targeted Coverage: Place pouches strategically in key areas.
Long-Term Prevention: Creates an inhospitable environment, preventing future infestations.

Enhance your cats' hunting with our repellent pouches for comprehensive and lasting defence against rodents.

How To Use Rodent Away By Ozzi Home

Step 1

Unbox and open your packet of Rodent Away by Ozzi Home.

Step 2

Unwrap the seal around the packaging, this will release the peppermint smell which repels the rodents.

Step 3

Place a pouch in every area you suspect rodents are a problem.

Step 4

Enjoy the all-natural rodent protection you deserve.

You're Not Alone. Real Reviews From People Like You.

Rated 4.8/5 by 15,000+ Happy Customers

Sam M.

"I've been a farmer for decades, and rodent infestations in my barn were always a headache. But ever since I started using these rodent repellent pouches, that has changed. The pouches effectively kept rodents away, preventing damage to my equipment and feed. Finally, I can focus on my work without worrying about those pesky rodents. Highly recommended for any farmer dealing with rodent problems!"

Sarah W.

"I had a recurring nightmare with rodents invading my kitchen. They were not only contaminating my food but also causing a lot of stress. That's when I discovered these incredible rodent repellent pouches. Since using them, my kitchen has been rodent-free, and I no longer have to worry about the health risks or damage they can cause. These pouches are a lifesaver! If you're dealing with rodents in your kitchen, don't hesitate to try them out.

Robert T.

"Dealing with rodents chewing through my home's wiring was a nightmare. It not only put my safety at risk but also left me with costly repairs. Thankfully, I found these rodent repellent pouches. Since I started using them, I haven't had a single incident of rodents damaging my wiring. It's been a relief knowing that my home is protected, and I no longer have to worry about potential fire hazards. I highly recommend these pouches to anyone struggling with rodents damaging their property."

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

When your package arrives, you have 180 days to try the Rodent Away repellent pouches. If our pouches haven't effectively eliminated your rodent problem, OR you are simply unsatisfied in any way, then we don’t want your money!

Simply contact our Customer Support Team at for a 100% refund. One of our dedicated agents will handle your return — no questions asked. That's how confident we are that our rodent trap is the best!

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