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Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection
Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection

"Every autumn, moths descend on my house like a plague, ruining my vintage silk scarves and wool sweaters. This year, I've finally won the battle - thanks to these incredible traps." - Kate D. USA

Closet Pest Trap Natural Moth Protection

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (1615 Reviews)

Wave Goodbye to Closet Pests and Protect Your Prized Possessions Within 30 Days or Your Money Back - Guaranteed!


Exclusive Pheromone Power: Moth control developed by top scientists.

No Chemicals: Safe for you, pets, and your favourite clothes.

Easy Setup: Set, forget, and enjoy a moth-free wardrobe.

Preserve Your Valuables: Protect your clothes and carpets from moth damage.

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Use Closet Pest Trap to Ward Off These Pests:

Webbing Clothes Moth

Casemaking Clothes Moth

Carpet Fur Moth

Tapestry Moth

White-Shouldered House Moth

Say Goodbye to Moths in 30 Days:

Say Goodbye to Moths in 30 Days:

Do you know that sinking feeling when you discover your favorite cashmere sweater is riddled with moth holes?

Your beloved clothes, ruined. Your carpets, damaged. And a lingering musty smell that doesn't belong in a fresh, clean wardrobe.

This isn't a small annoyance - it's a problem that needs addressing.

But don't worry, there's a solution.

Introduce your home to our Closet Pest Trap. A simple setup in your wardrobe or near your carpets, and within 30 days, the moths will be history.

What's the secret?

You may have tried those strong-smelling mothballs or messy sprays. They can take care of a few moths, but they don't keep new ones from coming. And who wants a closet that smells like chemicals?

Our traps do things differently. They emit a unique scent, similar to a female moth. The male moths can't resist. They're drawn in, get trapped, and voila! They can't ruin your clothes anymore.

So, say goodbye to a moth-ridden wardrobe and hello to well-preserved garments.

The Perks of a Moth-Free Home:

The Perks of a Moth-Free Home:

Enjoy your wardrobe - every outfit, every time.

Preserve sentimental garments and heirlooms.

Savour calm evenings without any winged interruptions.

Relish the smell of clean clothes, not musty moth odor.

Experience the relief of a truly clean home.

Rest easy knowing your valued possessions are safe.

Breathe easy with fewer airborne irritants.

Embrace the peace that comes with a well-maintained, moth-free home

An All Natural Solution

Our Closet Pest Trap emits an irresistible scent that only moths can't ignore. And guess what?

This scent is derived from natural sources, ensuring it's non-toxic and won't harm your home's environment. Just a simple, gentle, yet highly effective solution to your moth worries.

It Fights Moths Everywhere They Hide:

It Fights Moths Everywhere They Hide:

Moths can be sneaky, making homes in your closets, beneath your bed, in your favorite books, or even nestled amongst cherished keepsakes. But our Closet Pest Trap is even sneakier. Its compact size and potent scent make it a formidable guardian against these little, fabric-eating foes.

Whether it's your closet, your cherished book collection, or even those keepsake boxes in the attic, just place a trap in the threatened area. It'll send those pests packing, right out of their cozy corners.

No need for different strategies for different spaces. The Closet Pest Trap offers a one-size-fits-all solution. Place them wherever you need protection and sit back, knowing your precious spaces are moth-free.

Outshining Traditional Mothballs

While mothballs can do the job, our Closet Pest Traps have added advantages:

Reach Every Nook: Traps work even in hidden areas mothballs might not cover.

Round-the-Clock Guard:Traps work non-stop, protecting your fabrics day and night.

Clean and Non-Invasive: No residue or mess to clean up after.

Friendly to your Home: They're non-toxic, protecting your home's ambiance.

Custom Coverage: You can place traps exactly where you need them.

Long-lasting Defense: They deter future infestations, keeping your home safe in the long run. Pair them with your regular housekeeping for a complete and enduring defense against moths.

How To Use Closet Pest Trap By Ozzi Home

Step 1

Open Your Closet Pest Trap by Ozzi Home

Step 2

Crack open the seal on your new pack of Closet Pest Traps from Ozzi Home.

Step 3

As you do, the trap releases a scent we can't pick up, but is downright irresistible to moths, silverfish and other closet-dwelling pests.

Step 4

Place a trap in every area you've seen signs of these pesky bugs. Now, sit back and relax as your wardrobe gets the top-notch protection it deserves.

You're Not Alone. Real Reviews From People Like You.

Rated 4.8/5 by 15,000+ Happy Customers

Joanne D.

"Old-school fashion is my jam, but my vintage woolens were becoming a moth buffet. That is, until I got the Closet Pest Trap. Now, my collection is moth-free and in prime condition. If you have clothes you love, you need these traps. They're a game-changer!"

Bill M.

"Moths and silverfish turned my home into a nightmare. They were destroying my carpets, upholstery, and causing chaos. But then, I found Closet Pest Traps. Since I started using them, my home is back to being my sanctuary, free from the destruction of pests. If you're battling with an infestation, get these traps now!"

Charles W.

"I'm known for my stylish suits. But, closet pests were turning them into Swiss cheese. It was horrifying. But Closet Pest Traps saved the day. Now my wardrobe is safe, and my suits are hole-free. If you value your threads, I'd say these traps are a must."

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel Safe with Our 180-Day Money Back Guarantee From the moment your Closet Pest Trap package lands on your doorstep, you've got 180 days to give it a whirl. If, for any reason, the traps don't make your closet a pest-free zone, or you're not 100% satisfied, you won't lose a penny.

Just drop a line to our friendly customer service team at, and they'll sort out a full refund. No quizzes, no fuss. We're that sure you'll love our traps!

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